At the moment with lockdowns, social distancing and masks becoming part and parcel of what was once our normal lives, there is more going on behind the scenes than most realise or understand. The aim of the information on the following pages is to show you what is the end goal and its implications.


The following pages is a compilation of extracts taken from various articles and videos, from people who are either directly on the frontline and in the know, to people who have had access to and researched in depth the relevant white papers on these issues.

The information is easily found on the internet once you know about it although it is currently not as common knowledge as what it should be – not yet, but give it time. Links have been provided where possible. Please do your own research. Believe nothing that you cannot verify for yourself.

For those who rely on fact-checkers for verification or authenticity – if you want to know how independent and unbiased any fact-checker site is, have a look at their list of sponsors and funders. They are not likely to support any claim that doesn’t bode well with that list.

So what’s this all about then?

It’s about the upcoming vaccine and what all it entails.

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